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You may know us already as Cycle Couture, a friendly neighbourhood bike shop in Toronto’s West End. We're passionate bike nerds who have been repairing, selling and loving bikes for the past five years. Since we took over the shop in 2014 we’ve built it into a meeting place for people who appreciate tried-and-true bicycles and accessories. 

We’ve seen the retail landscape and the demands of our clients change over this time. This year we're changing what we do, how we look, and how we do business to better meet those needs.


With Hazelwood Cycleworks, we're building a membership-based and drop-in DIY repair shop that offers assisted repairs and maintenance, custom builds, and educational workshops. 

During every repair and maintenance visit, you will be supervised by seasoned-not-surly mechanics so that you can learn as you work and keep your ride in great shape. Whether you know very little, quite a bit, or nothing at all, we’re ready to help you get your hands dirty. 

Hazelwood Cycleworks prides itself on maintaining an open and inclusive space for any person who is interested in learning and working.


Educational seminars and workshop on bike safety, city cycling and maintenance. With different entry levels and broad scope classes, we're hoping to include cyclists of all skill levels.

We've accumulated a depth of experience by being riders, mechanics, messengers, and teachers ourselves, and it is our goal to spread that knowledge with everyone. We're looking to create an inviting environment where people can learn together, without attitude or pretense. 

With a revamped pricing structure, we hope to encourage a change in the way you’ll think about bike maintenance too.

By keeping our pricing accessible for more frequent visits, wecan help you tune up your bike and maintain it so that your bike will require fewer major repairs. Some bike issues are preventable with the right maintenance, so we want to save you on expensive overhauls and new parts.


Are you a bike messenger or avid cyclist? Our memberships are designed with you in mind. Become a member and you'll receive exclusive labour, reserve stand time and discounted parts pricing.

We're also drastically changing the layout of the shop, so we can offer comfortable seating and space to rest if you’re coming in from a shift or taking a break.

Plus, learn how to get the most out of your work with educational seminars on winter cycling, what work gear is deductible during tax season, safe traffic navigation, and more from veteran messengers.

your membership includes

• Bike storage and lockers

• A comfortable couches to relax on

• Free wifi

• Free repair consumables (cables, housing, brake pads, grease, cleaners, oils)

• Discounted parts, repair stand rates, instruction, and labour

•Repair stand reservation

Free access to educational seminars and workshops

• A pair of Mechanix High Dexterity Work Gloves

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So let's get to work

Join us as we become a DIY repair shop that empowers every cyclist. We can’t wait to show you the next chapter.

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