But that's not all

Are you a bike messenger or avid cyclist? Our memberships are designed with you in mind. Become a member and you'll receive exclusive labour, stand time and parts pricing.

We're also drastically changing the layout of the shop, so we can offer comfortable seating and space to rest if you’re coming in from a shift or taking a break.

Plus, learn how to get the most out of your work with educational seminars on winter cycling, what work gear is deductible during tax season, safe traffic navigation, and more from veteran messengers.

Your membership includes:

• Bike storage and lockers

• A comfortable couches to relax on

• Free wifi

• Free repair consumables (cables, housing, brake pads, grease, cleaners, oils)

• Discounted parts, repair stand rates, instruction, and labour

•Repair stand reservation

Free access to educational seminars and workshops

• A pair of Mechanix High Dexterity Work Gloves